Raven Bailey, 16. Raven's black mom, white bio-dad and Métis stepdad mean she's multicultural in the truest sense.  Athletic and a little impulsive, Raven worked hard at school but self-esteem and focus problems drew her into trouble. Above all she wants to be good for her parents, who doted on her. 

Xander Liu, 16. A musical nature lover, Xander gives off a friendly, free-spirit vibe, but the pressures of school and family expectations mean there's also a troubled, complicated side of him he rarely shows. Xander's enthusiasm is infectious and his wicked sense of humor is an endless source of entertainment to his friends. 

Tucker Derkach, 17. An unapologetic bad boy, the only things that hold Tucker's interest for longer than a few days are sports and Raven. His reckless, daredevil ways have drawn him and his twin into trouble too many times to count, but as the spoilt son of a nice white doctor he's never had to pay the price.

Mandy Campbell, 19. A student nurse, with plans to work in remote communities, Mandy took a summer camp job as a last option after her plans to travel to Poland fell through. Finding herself among much wilder and younger teenagers, she feels like she has to be the adult in the room, but it's hard. 

Topher Derkach, 17. Topher's reserve and responsibility are in stark contrast to his twin, and probably the reason they avoided consequences for Tucker's mischief for so long. Introverted Topher depends on Tucker's gregariousness. But he's stitched up so tight he's destined to explode one day. 

Emily Fletcher, 18. Australian Emily wanted to get away when she finished school, away from her overbearing brothers, her neglectful parents and a friend group that had turned toxic. Arriving in Canada for her camp counsellor job, Emily fell for flirty Tucker without much thought. She lived to regret it.

Sawyer Chisholm, 24. Formerly a UK soldier, Sawyer and his boyfriend, Felix left the forces to pursue immigrating to Canada. A natural leader, Sawyer easily assumes control over the ragtag clan of teenagers in his care, but his optimism doesn't extend as far as believing he can keep them alive. 

Felix Walker, 24. Felix was less sure of  Sawyer's scheme to immigrate to Canada but the promises of a cushy life and a vast outdoors to explore made him agree to go along with it. While Sawyer exudes strength, it's Felix's stoic resolve that kept them going through rough times in the forces, and now.

Liam Bock, 18. Liam's slightness meant he struggled against bullies throughout high school. He intended to join the military like his mother, before the invasion. Seeing his father and sister killed by the Nahx broke something inside him, turning him cold and dangerous. The only person he respects is his mother. 

Lochie Kotze, 19. Lochie had always planned a gap year exploring the wilderness of Canada and the USA. Now nearing the halfway point of his year he realizes he's mostly explored artsy coffee shops and stoned Canadian girls. He hopes his job at camp will aim him back in the right direction. 

Kimberly (Kim) Bock, 48. Kim enlisted in the CAF after graduating college, looking for a practical place to apply her international relations degree. After serving overseas for ten years, she settled with her husband and two children in Edmonton, taking a position as a CAF recruiter. 


Eighth (August). Age unknown. Eighth's gentle nature is in direct conflict with not only his mission directives and programming but with the aggressive impulses enforced by his bio-organic armour. A head injury and resulting memory problems make his internal struggle more difficult. Eighth's strongest drive is his fascination with sensations - sight, smell, touch, which helps him to resist his orders. 

Sixth. Age unknown. As the lowest rank still considered "High rank" Sixth resents her status and makes for up for it with hyper-aggression towards her human victims. The rage the armour incites in her is overwhelming and she most often gives into it, letting it guide and control her violence. Though she is cruel to Eighth, she depends on his company and protection and fears losing him.