discussion questions

1. Raven and Eighth are very different characters. Raven shuts people out and rejects their opinions. Meanwhile August seems to want nothing more than approval from almost everyone he meets. What effect does the contrast between these two characters have on the rest of the book? Do their attitudes change?

2. There are several recurring visual motifs in the book, dandelions and snowflakes for example. How did these visual motifs help to create and build the mood and conflict in the story?

3. The Nahx wear suits of armour that both protect them and restrict their emotions. How does the analogy of armour work throughout the book? 

4. How does Raven's racial and cultural background relate to her chapters? Does being who she is, is with her experiences, ultimately make her more able to empathize with Eighth?


5. Though the secondary characters play small roles, they have clear personalities. Who is your favourite and why?  

6. Lots of people die in this book. How does each death affect Raven? What about Eighth? Did there need to be so much death? 

7. So much is left unsaid about the Nahx. What are your theories?

8. How did the setting of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in winter affect the plot? Did it help to create the mood and tone?

9. What did you think of the sign language in the book? Why do you think the author chose to use this method for the Nahx to communicate? 

10. What do you think will happen in the second book? What do you hope will happen?